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Celebrate Your Freedom to Raise a Glass

On Monday, December 5!

If you enjoy a beer while watching the game at your local sports bar or enjoy your favorite cocktail at a restaurant, then Monday, December 5 is a very special day for you, and you may not even know it!


December 5 marks the day that 13 years

of Prohibition ended in this country!

That’s the day the 21st Amendment gave you the Constitutional right to enjoy that beer with the game or cocktail at a restaurant. Brewery and distillery doors opened, the lights came back on, and workers went back to work after that day in 1933.


Celebrate the revival of the art and industry of brewing and distilling in this country!


At Louisville Party Center, we like to think of December 5 as a day for you to join friends for a beer after work or pick up a bottle of wine or spirits to enjoy with dinner. You might even celebrate Repeal Day® with a Prohibition Party where guests sneak in with their purchase in a discreet brown paper bag.


However you decide to celebrate Repeal Day®, stop by one of our four convenient locations and exercise your Constitutional right to celebrate the end of Prohibition and the beginning of your freedom to raise a glass!


Remember to exercise your right to drink responsibly.


"Repeal Day® is a registered trademark of The Museum of the American Cocktail".



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