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Birthday Bourbon now available

November 15 was a special day for Louisville Party Center. That’s the day our team traveled to the historic Jim Beam Distillery in Clermont, Kentucky, to make our personal selection of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve small batch that will be sold in all three of our locations.


Our day at the distillery started in the rickhouse known as Warehouse K where three different barrels waited to be sampled. Before we could sample the bourbon, the bung had to be removed from each barrel. The most amusing part of the day was watching as our three volunteers hammered away with a wooden mallet to loosen the bung from the hole in each barrel!


Even though each barrel was color coded red, green, or blue to facilitate voting, it didn’t make voting any easier as each barrel had its own unique flavor and characteristics. Each selection garnered votes from the team, but in the end, we personally selected a barrel with our customers’ specific tastes in mind.


The chosen barrel, #4368, had the rich amber color and smooth flavor profile one expects in mature bourbon. The “nose” or smell of this bourbon was described by our team as “caramel, vanilla, maple, cinnamon, and oak”. The taste was described as “spice, vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, and full of flavor”. The finish was summed up as “warm without burning, smooth, and full bodied”. Bourbon lovers will find that this 12- year, 120 proof bourbon is very prominent with rich, caramel notes.


No wonder Knob Creek was the bourbon named “Best Bourbon”

at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition!



Johnny Muench of the Fern Creek Party Center made the trip that day because he is a “seeker of different flavors”. He cast his vote for

the winning red barrel because of the cinnamon and oak “nose” of this bourbon. He knew it would be excellent for holiday gifts

and winter sipping.


Our team followed the chosen barrel from rickhouse to bottling room where it was specifically bottled for Louisville Party Center customers.


We have named our chosen selection the Birthday Bottle because November 15 was also the birthday of Louisville Party Center owner, Jamie Masticola.  When asked to describe this bourbon, Jamie says simply, “It’s very good.” You will find this very good bourbon at all three Louisville Party Center locations labeled with the chosen barrel number and the signature of distiller Fred Noe.


> View our Facebook photo album to see our entire barrel to bottle experience!





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